The department of Turkish language and Literature which is carrying out of training of specialists on the stages of bachelor, magistrate and doctor’s degree now was established from the very year of establishment of the University of the Caucasus. At first they carried out the training of specialists by correspondence training on the stage of bachelor in this department, but from the training year of 1998-1999 they started to apply full-time education. Till 2004-2005 this department mainly prepared philologists attached to the faculty of philology, but from the year 2004-2005 this department was attached to the pedagogical faculty and began to train teachers.


            By regularly improving its training plans and programmes of subjects  through making research works on the leading experiences of Azerbaijan and foreign countries the Department started training specialists on the stage of magistrate from 1998, and on the stage of doctor’s degree from 2006. The Department sent its 500 highly qualified, self-confident graduates with pedagogical knowledge, having national and humanity values to their work life. Our graduates are working successfully in different scientific, educational and cultural institutions of more than 40 countries of the world mainly including Azerbaijan and Turkey as well.


            Playing the role of a bridge between Turkology and the languages of Turkish peoples and Turkish, Azerbaijani languages and literatures as well the Department gives the opportunities to its students to be trained according to the plans and programmes of subjectsprepared on the bases of leading training experiencesas professional specialists. They pay special attention to study of ICT and English in the Department andby teaching them Arabian, Persian and Russian according to their choicein parallel with teaching them historical and contemporary Turkish dialects it provides opportunities for them to work as a translator, too. In the choice of the topics for scientific researches for final works as well as thesis for magistrate and doctor’s degree the Department gives particular importance to the comparative analyses of Turkish languages and literature and pays attention to acquiring  the skills of researchers by students.


            The department in which enlisting Turkish languages and literatures is very significant while choosing a scientific research topic for graduation works, master and PhD dissertations also makes its students gain researcher skills. The organization of the events like the global symposium of “Literary Past of the Turkish Nations: Turkish Epics” in 2004, congress of “Literature of Turkish Nations: 1st Global Children’s Literature” in 2008, “8th Global Turkish Poetry Day” in 2009 together with Azerbaijani and Turkish Writers’ Association, the 91st anniversary of the Independence Hymn and the program of remembering Mehmet Akif Ersoy and the congress of “2nd Global Children’s Literature of Turkish Nations” in 2012 with the direct attempt and organization were successful steps that led to the improvement of the research and popularize the literary heritage of the Turkish nations.


The department organized a project of transliteration and the research of the journals that were published in old Azerbaijani alphabet.


The department has strong cooperation with the same department of some leading universities in Turkey like Ataturk University, Istanbul University, Nevsehir University, Marmara University and On Dokuz Mayis University. With the help of these ties many students of the department gain chance to get experience in those universities.


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